Woods from the Woodland

While the real essence of Woodland is outdoor shoe making, Aero group which is the parent company didn’t want to sell the premium casual footwear from the luxury lifestyle fashion brand ‘Woods’ under the woodland shadow. So they started promoting it with a new identity as ‘Woods’ from some time ago.

These shoes are mostly hand stitched with premium quality leather from the master Craftsmen as what they claim. But having both woodland and woods in the same showroom is having two verticals in the same box. Woods is an iconic British-style brand which offers formal and semi-casual footwear, apparel and accessories. Before its standalone launch, the company has test-marketed the product separately as it is already earning over 25% of the Woodland’s parent firm Aero Club’s revenue both via offline-online routes.

They claim that ‘The latest offering by Woods is enthused by the fashion from the Victorian era, a period ruled by peace, prosperity and refinement, which truly reflects in each carefully handcrafted piece of this collection. Come discover the fusion of elegance, luxury and refinement with contemporary fashion and style.’ So folks check out the new woodlands showroom @jubilee hills, Hyderabad for some premium footwear and accessories.


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